Influential theater professor passes away

Earle Gister, an influential Yale theater professor who pioneered a new method for training actors, passed away in his sleep Sunday at his New Haven home. He was 77. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”2626″ ] A charismatic educator, Gister was among the most prominent leaders of conservatory acting training in the late 20th century. He helped coordinate previously […]


Eli in India

Fort St. George stands at the center of the promenade reining in Marina Beach, a spectacular expanse of sand constituting the Indian coast in downtown my mother’s hometown of Chennai. Colonial rule over the city may have ended over half a century ago, but the old East India Company buildings within the fort’s walls are […]

Personal Essay

‘Sao Paulo’ illustrates student design

A new book published in December highlights the dialogue between architects and developers in the context of Brazil’s booming economy. “Urban Intersections: Sao Paulo” is the sixth book in a series that showcases designs that School of Architecture students create for a spring-semester studio co-taught every year by a practicing architect and a visiting player […]


Arch alum on sustainable building

In October, the National Organization of Minority Architects recognized architecture firm Marshall Moya Design with two of their five annual awards, the Professional Design Excellence Award and Visionary Honor Award. Principal architect Michael Marshall ARC ’84 spoke with the News about their two award-winning projects, one a sustainable housing project for internally displaced people in […]


Arch trip to Dubai called off

On Monday morning, senior architecture majors were told they would be traveling to Dubai to gather inspiration for water park designs. But after learning Thursday that the global competition for which they would submit their designs is illegitimate, the students will remain in the Western hemisphere. “Senior Project Design Studio” professor Tom Zook ARC ’95 […]


Architecture students no longer headed to Dubai

Looks like Dubai 2K12 is off. In an email sent to students in the “Senior Project Design Studio,” this morning, Tom Zook, one of the studio’s professors, announced that the trip had been cancelled due to uncertainty about the competition’s legitimacy. The competition, it turns out, is not sanctioned by Wild Wadi Water Park, Zook […]


Arch majors slide into Dubai

Seniors in the architecture major will have to abandon T-squares and straight edges for their latest project: designing water slides for the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai. On Monday, architecture professor Steven Harris announced that students in the “Senior Project Design Studio” will travel to Dubai from Jan. 26 to 30 to study the […]


Menacing tower seeks facelift

Looming and austere, the 14-story Kline Biology Tower — Yale’s tallest building — rises up from between Sachem and Edwards streets on Science Hill. Those trekking to class cannot fail to notice the overbearing structure, designed by modern architect Philip Johnson in 1965. Though University planners meant for the tower to foster collaboration between science […]


Jewish feminist and historian passes away

Paula Hyman, former chair of the program in Judaic Studies and a renowned feminist and historian, died Dec. 15 after a battle with breast cancer. She was 65. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”2869″ ] Hyman rose to national prominence in 1971 when she helped to found Ezrat Nashim, a group of Conservative Jewish women that advocates for changes […]


Prominent feminist, historian passes away

Paula Hyman, a noted feminist and historian and former chair of the of the program in Judaic Studies, passed away Thursday morning after a battle with breast cancer. She was 65 [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”2869″ ] A founder of Ezrat Nashim, a group of Conservative Jewish women who advocate for changes in the religion’s treatment of women, […]


Architecture undergrads design college for elves

School of Architecture Dean Robert Stern ARC ’65 may be designing Yale’s new residential colleges, but undergraduate architecture students have taken the lead in perfecting the plans for the North Pole’s new college for elves. Students set to work on their designs Monday afternoon in the Morse College dining hall with gingerbread, frosting, candies and […]