Natasha Khazzam
Staff Reporter
Natasha Khazzam covers housing and homelessness for city desk. She previously covered climate and the environment. Originally from Great Neck, New York, she is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in history and English.
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Warming centers reach capacity as temperatures drop

In response to Tuesday’s winter storm, the city’s warming centers underwent emergency protocols to accommodate people beyond capacity constraints. Existing constraints have prompted efforts for new construction and advocacy by local nonprofits.

Lenox Street Tenants Union demands landlord enter negotiations 

Union members and activists gathered outside the office of Ocean Management with a petition alleging landlord neglect.

Black Heritage Stamp honors New Havener Constance Baker Motley

The city held an unveiling ceremony of the stamp on Thursday evening at the Dixwell Community Center, featuring several speakers who honored Motley’s legacy as a trailblazing politician and prominent leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

Construction trends show city efforts to revitalize waterfronts

Several waterside developments, including construction at Long Wharf along with new cycling trails and housing complexes, underscore broader city efforts to revive the city’s waterfronts.

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen to expand

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen announced plans to expand its 266 State St. location. Renovations will include the addition of a new kitchen and medical clinic to the four-story building.

Carbon monoxide leak at Yale construction site leaves 14 hospitalized

Propane-powered tools, combined with freezing weather and a lack of carbon monoxide monitors, caused the gas leak and subsequent hospitalizations at a Yale-leased construction site on Howe Street.

City’s fourth tenants union forms at Lenox Street in Fair Haven Heights

After landlord Ocean Management said it was looking to sell properties at 195 and 199 Lenox St., tenants formed a union to renew existing leases and protect against rent increases.

New warming center opens doors to unhoused people as winter approaches

The warming center, located at 130 Orchard St. in the Hill neighborhood, will provide sleeping areas, food and warm beverages to unhoused people throughout the upcoming winter season.

Nonprofit seeks to build new non-congregate shelter 

Columbus House, an organization that provides shelter services to unhoused people in Connecticut, applied to the New Haven Board of Zoning Appeals for approval to build a new non-congregate housing facility.

After receiving second city order to remove tiny homes, homelessness activist discusses next steps 

Mark Coleville, founder of the Rosette Village Neighborhood Collective, maintained that he would not comply with the city’s request.

Proposed charter revision sparks debate as election approaches

The new proposed charter, which would increase the term length of elected officials among other provisions, has ignited opposition from Republican officials.