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Republicans release budget alternative

The Connecticut Republican caucus released its long-anticipated budget proposal in a press conference Thursday afternoon. The proposal, titled “Confident Connecticut,” claims to protect the state’s […]

Connecticut bill looks to tackle gender pay gap

The Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill on April 12 seeking to promote pay equity between men and women. The bill will now move […]

Malloy proposes defunding independent living centers

Representatives from the state’s independent living centers appealed to the Connecticut legislature on Tuesday to reject Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposal to cut off their funding […]

Regents to consolidate community colleges

The Board of Regents of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities voted to consolidate 12 community colleges into one.

State plans $800 million in employee raises

Gov. Dannel Malloy’s office is planning for $800 million in pay raises for state employees in the 2018–19 state budget, a significantly larger raise compared […]

State legislators push for highway tolls

The Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee passed a bill on March 17 that would potentially reinstate tolls on state highways 30 years after the tolls […]

Third Connecticut casino to open in East Windsor

Two Native American nations that have joined forces to build Connecticut’s third casino announced on Feb. 27 that they have selected East Windsor as the […]

Malloy proposes layoffs or benefit cuts to balance budget

With Connecticut facing potential budget deficits, state employees must choose between layoffs or fewer benefits. Gov. Dannel Malloy’s budget for fiscal year 2018 has a […]

City continues to fight opioid crisis

Eight months after the Elm City saw three fatal opioid overdoses within a short span of eight hours, New Haven’s city officials, medical professionals and […]

Malloy budget plan comes under fire

In his budget proposal last week, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced his plan for municipalities to pay one-third of teacher pension funds, sparking criticism from advocates […]

State lawmakers adjust pension fund

Connecticut legislators approved a resolution that postpones fully paying accumulated pension funds to state employees for 13 years and changes how those payments are calculated.