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KUMAR: Overheard: we’re doing it wrong

Overheard at Yale has an oversize influence on our lives. It is important that we recognize the limitations of the group and do not rush to evaluate ourselves and our campus based on its content. Let’s keep our debates to more appropriate forums and maintain Overheard as the home of sex, sleep and Sasha Pup.

KUMAR: Beyond the boundary

For me, as Captain and President of the team, sacrificing close to twenty hours a week to set up the tournament — twenty hours a week that could have gone towards my potential internship at McKinsey, at Bain, at Goldman! — seemed nothing short of foolish. But there were matches to win. The show must go on.

KUMAR: Comfort in quiet

Silence with those I love is not merely comfortable — it is indulgent, and symbolic. It serves to stregnthen relationships, and it is also the affirmation of the strength of a relationship.

KUMAR: Leave Salovey alone

Yale President Peter Salovey is under fire once again. Last week, news broke that the decision to name one of the new colleges after Benjamin Franklin had been made as early as 2013. It’s been a rough year for the president — a year of being bombarded with Monopoly money, panned roundly for his handling of Christakis and Calhoun issues and berated by students protected by a cloak of anonymity.

KUMAR: Back to the bazaar

Though returning students are often the ones running the booths, the assumption is that the plethora of extracurricular options is only relevant to new students. Truth is, the bazaar and events like it should be as important for seasoned Yalies as they are for inexperienced freshmen.

KUMAR: House of cards

Each year, as winter melts into spring and our attention shifts toward the next academic year, the ugly issue of house and home rears its head.

KUMAR: A rush to judgment

Last semester, we rallied for change. We cried, we marched, we petitioned and we fought the status quo. We denounced all aspects of categorization and […]

KUMAR: Pause to reflect

Next week, we pause. Surrounded by smiling faces, by welcoming aromas, by an irresistible sense of well-being, we pause over our plates to offer words […]

KUMAR: The power of not knowing

I don’t know if I agree with “Freakonomics” authors Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, who make a strong case for “I don’t know” being the three hardest words in the English language to say. I used to say it without hesitation, often facing very little penalty.

Connecticut’s August job growth best in 10 years

August was a good month for jobs in Connecticut, and especially New Haven.

Future of Church Street South unclear

The end is nigh for the crumbling and hotly debated Church Street South complex, as residents of the building are relocated daily due to unsafe living conditions.