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Throughout indie singer Samia (Samia Najimy Finnerty)'s sophomore album, Honey, we meet what feels like dozens of characters. Amelia's the one with the half smile. Caleb—he’s by the fire pit, scaling the beyond. Everything with David is totally fine. These are brief, lyrical introductions that leave the listener with no more than one or two details. In the album’s tight 40-minute runtime, particulars like these offer us a fleeting glimpse into Samia’s world.

Strictly Platonic rocks AEPi

On Saturday, Yale band Strictly Platonic made their 2022-23 school year debut with two new band members in tow.

Beth Krensky Exists “Between Spirit and Matter”

A new multimedia gallery at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music that opened on Sept. 21 explores the relationship between the sacred and the mundane.