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A Fine Line

When James Chen applied to law school in the early 1990s, he wrote his personal essay on how he planned to lead and serve the […]

36 Floors Up

It was an unusually clear day in Beijing as I stood on the 36th floor of the IFC Tower B, looking out at a city […]

Students mixed on Schwarzman Center expansion

The University recently announced that the Schwarzman Center, set to open in 2020, will be physically expanded to accommodate more students and groups on campus. But following the news of the expansion this past week, students have expressed mixed reactions to the usefulness of the physical augmentations, whose cost University officials and Schwarzman’s representatives declined to disclose.

Schwarzman Center expands footprint

When the Schwarzman Center opens in 2020, the space will be more than just a remodeling of the existing area around and beneath Commons Dining Hall and Woolsey Hall.

Japanese student group eyes comeback

Row after row of student organizations, each with its own poster boards and flyers on hand, greeted eager, wide-eyed freshmen at this year’s extracurricular bazaar in Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Missing from the various cultural groups scrambling to get freshmen sign-ups, however, was the Japanese American Students Union, which has been absent from the extracurricular scene since last school year.

FroCo program highlights diversity, inclusion

After a year of student demonstrations about race and inclusion that reverberated across campus, the class of 2020 arrived at Yale during a special time: Students are still recovering from the past year’s upheaval while looking forward to the promise of a new school year. Chosen to help Yale College’s youngest members acclimate to a campus undergoing numerous changes, freshman counselors have this year, in particular, been trained to prioritize diversity and inclusion in program.

New peer mentoring program teaches life skills

As the class of 2020 begins to settle in on campus, the Center for Teaching and Learning is introducing a new peer-to-peer mentorship initiative called the “Academic Strategies Program” to further ease students’ transition into college life.

New Silliman Head rebuilds college community

This Halloween, students in Silliman College can expect the return of a special, but long-gone tradition: their new Head of College, psychology professor Laurie Santos, has promised to set up a haunted house that will not disappoint.

Yale, UChicago approach free speech differently

In the weeks since the University of Chicago issued a letter condemning trigger warnings and safe spaces, supporters and critics of the letter have returned to a similar debate that took place on Yale’s campus last fall.

Pogge’s first class full despite harassment allegations

Philosophy professor Thomas Pogge lectured for an hour on morality, ethics and justice Wednesday morning, oblivious to the fact that students had arrived to his opening class to find copies of a New York Times article detailing his alleged sexual misconduct scattered on their seats.

New faces to lead cultural center growth

The leadership of Yale’s four cultural centers is in the hands of administrators who have all been at Yale for a year or less, just […]