Monica Mark
Lions slay Eli field hockey in N.Y. make-up

The field hockey squad was reminded of a harsh reality yesterday: Even a strong performance doesn’t guarantee a victory. After heavy rains led to the […]

To return to .500, field hockey needs road win

With the season rapidly drawing to a close, the field hockey team heads south to New York City for a game that could determine whether […]

Two losses on the road and they’re out

A heartbreaking Ivy loss this weekend caused the field hockey team to slip two slots in the conference rankings — too far down to pull […]

With its streak finally broken, field hockey travels to Philadelphia

With only four games left in the season, the field hockey team takes to the road this weekend to keep its chances at a double-digit […]

F. hockey tops Ivy No. 1, then loses

After riding high on a winning streak that spanned nearly a month, the field hockey team finally snapped a string of victories yesterday against what […]

Field hockey honors 35th year with fierce opponents

In front of 35 years’ worth of alumni and supporters this weekend, the field hockey team will fight to maintain the success of the past […]

Field hockey is over .500 and loving it

After picking up its first Ivy win of the season Saturday, the field hockey team snagged a second victory the very next day — a […]

Field hockey begins surge

With the momentum of a three-game winning streak driving the field hockey team forward, the squad will seek to continue its recent string of victories […]

Field hockey slays CT foes

With weeks of dedication and half the season now behind them, the members of the field hockey team are finally seeing the results they have […]

F. hockey finally finds victory

After a dispiriting start to the weekend, the field hockey team demolished its opponents Sunday in an incredible display of offensive teamwork and skill that […]

F. hockey vies for 2nd win

With matches against some of the nation’s toughest field hockey teams already under their belts, the Bulldogs will endeavor to recapture the intensity of last […]