Mitchell Murdock
Study confirms antidepressant efficacy

On the debate over the effectiveness of antidepressants versus placebos, Yale scientists have weighed in on the side of the antidepressants. Researchers at the Yale […]

McCullough talks Morse

Historian David McCullough ’55 spoke to approximately 400 people at the Yale University Art Gallery Sunday afternoon to discuss “Gallery of the Louvre,” a painting […]

Profs elected to scientific society

Five Yale professors have been elected as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the organization announced Jan. 12. The organization, which […]

Antibiotics linked with childhood asthma

Think twice before slathering an infant’s scrape with Neosporin. A new study from Yale researchers has found that early antibiotic exposure severely heightens the risk […]

Academia needs more activism, prof argues

As World AIDS Day dawns, a new perspective on HIV could change the role of public health in fighting HIV. The ongoing debate on HIV […]

Exercise reduces cancer risk

Exercise can reduce your risk of cancer. A recent study at the School of Public Health has found that women who exercise can reduce their […]

Garry Trudeau ’70 ART ’73 learned valuable lessons at Yale

Tough love from a professor influenced “Doonesbury” artist Garry Trudeau ’70 ART ’73, Trudeau told NPR. In the interview, Trudeau recounted a memorable experience from […]

Life’s a dredge in New Haven

New Haven is prepared to go to bat for Morris Cove residents fighting a battle against toxic waste. At a rally of nearly 100 people […]

Von Lommel talks out of body

People seeking out-of-body experiences do not need to turn to hallucinogenic drugs. New research by Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel suggests that out-of-body experiences can […]

Commons of dreams

If you build a themed-dinner they will come. Those who ate at Commons Thursday night were treated to a baseball-themed dinner experience and a screening […]

Technology destroys doctor-patient relationships

Popular television character Dr. Gregory House is no example to follow, Sherwin Nuland MED ’55 said at a talk Thursday. In front of an audience […]