Yale M.D. makes leap in mad cow research

Though challenging the accepted theory of the causes of mad cow disease may seem like madness itself, a team of researchers from the Yale School of Medicine has announced potentially groundbreaking findings concerning the origins of the disease. Yale School of Medicine professor Dr. Laura Manuelidis, the head of neuropathology at the school, and her […]


Break won’t affect sales

Yale students might be somewhat materialistic, but stores near campus say they manage just fine over winter break even though Yalies are not in New Haven during the holiday shopping season. Though winter break leaves streets near campus emptier than usual, University Properties officials and many local stores said business does not suffer over the […]


Plagiarism detection program questioned

As students devise increasingly creative ways to cheat, educational institutions have been forced to come up with more complex ways to prevent plagiarism. Harvard is currently testing a plagiarism-detection software called Turnitin in one of its sociology courses. According to the Web site for Turnitin, the program performs an “exhaustive search of billions of pages […]


Medical school hosts education symposium

It is hardly news that studying medicine is a strenuous task, but some tortured pre-meds might take pleasure in knowing that teaching it isn’t much of a breeze, either. Kenneth Ludmerer, professor of medical history at Washington University in St. Louis, spoke at a symposium titled “Internal Challenges to Medical Education” held Thursday afternoon at […]


Yalies recall summers in Middle East

When war erupted in the Middle East last summer, Maia Karo ’09 found herself shuttling from bunker to bunker in Northern Israel, while Amina El-Annan GRD ’10 joined a stream of refugees fleeing from Lebanon to Syria. Seven Yalies, including Karo and El-Annan, shared their personal experiences during the crisis at a student panel held […]