Miranda Wollen
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Miranda Wollen covers Faculty and Academics for the News; she also writes very silly pieces for the WKND. She is a sophomore in Silliman College double majoring in English and Classics.
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PROFILE: Kirk Johnson GRD ’89, the museum kid

Johnson, one of Yale’s four annual Wilbur Cross Medal recipients, is the Sant Director at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. He spoke to the News about baby bees, the extinction of the dinosaurs and the climate crisis.

Yale agrees to first graduate union election in three decades

The University’s statement affirms it will honor Local 33’s petition for an official election via secret ballot while maintaining a commitment to academic supervisors’ freedom to express opinions on unionization.

POETRY: Erica Road

I wake up unwashed  with two rubber bands on my wrist,  extras for you in case  yours break and you go back to  picking away […]

Yaleoween: an Annual Tragicomedy

The time has come, folks.  Be afraid: Halloween szn is upon us. Of course, for the obsessive and vain — me— all Hallow’s Eve began around […]

Graduate and professional students elect new senator class

A mixture of new and returning senators at the Graduate & Professional Student Senate aims to foster community and advocate student needs to University officials.

Miranda’s Declassified Winter-at-Yale Survival Guide

Mayday, mayday, Yalies.  It’s finally getting cold out. As we approach the 80 percent of the year where everyone kind of hates being here and […]

Slavic Department grapples with Russia’s war on Ukraine

Amidst Russia’s war on Ukraine, administrators, staff and students in Yale’s Slavic Languages and Literatures Department cope with learning and teaching Russophone culture.

Are You There, God? It’s Me, iluvcupcakes29545.

As a nine year old, I had two passions: Daniel Radcliffe and cosplaying as an adult on internet games. Possessing paltry athletic abilities, I spent […]

God Save the Meme

“The soul of man is immortal and imperishable” – Plato Resurrection and rebirth remain a mainstay of ancient mythology and modern tropiness; Achilles was carried […]

O Beasley, Where Art Thou?

A friend of mine emerges from the library with a shit-eating grin on her face: she’s just seen Nathan Chen, and he was Actually Doing […]

School of Public Health transitions to independence after dean’s departure

YSPH hopes to create greater global influence in its journey to autonomy from the School of Medicine.