Miranda Jeyaretnam
Staff Reporter
Miranda Jeyaretnam is the University desk editor. She previously covered the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs and developments at the National University of Singapore and Yale-NUS. Formerly the opinion editor under the YDN Board of 2022, she co-founded the News' Editorial Board and wrote for her opinion column 'Crossing the Aisle' in 2019-20. From Singapore, she is a junior in Pierson College, majoring in English.
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JEYARETNAM: Dark matter in the establishment

Content Warning: This article contains graphic content about sexual assault.  The #MeToo movement has won many victories ever since it began to saturate popular culture. […]

JEYARETNAM: No parasite

A New York Times article on Saturday talked about Frank Wucinski and his three-year-old daughter, both of whom were flown back from Wuhan, tested negative […]

Isabelle Lin

“The Younger living room would be a comfortable and well-ordered room if it were not for a number of indestructible contradictions to this state of […]

JEYARETNAM: Plagued by xenophobia

The last few weeks have occasionally felt like the world’s capitulation to a doomsday scenario. Conversations about the Wuhan coronavirus end up sounding like the […]

JEYARETNAM: Speech, safety and Soleimani

On Jan. 3, Trump issued a drone strike that killed Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani. Over the next few days, news headlines, opinion pieces and […]

JEYARETNAM: The Eli in elitist

“Working-class people don’t deserve to be paid.” A group of Yale undergraduates, including myself, were at a restaurant in New Haven, when, after a few […]

JEYARETNAM: Spoiling the fun

If you are a woman and you hear a male friend jokingly label a girl a “hoe,” you are likely to want to roll your […]

JEYARETNAM: The power of our histories

Before my grandfather passed away in 2008, once a month, my family and I would pack three small bags and make the one-and-a-half-hour drive from […]

Sophie Henry