Miranda Jeyaretnam
Staff Reporter
Miranda Jeyaretnam is the beat reporter covering the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs and developments at the National University of Singapore and Yale-NUS for the YDN's University desk. She was formerly the opinion editor for the Yale Daily News under the YDN Board of 2022 and wrote as a staff columnist for her opinion column 'Crossing the Aisle' in Spring 2020. From Singapore, she is a sophomore in Pierson College, majoring in English.
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Religious group facing “cult” allegations looks to recruit members on Yale’s campus

Members of ASEZ — a volunteer-focused offshoot of the World Mission Society Church of God, a global organization that faced controversy due to claims that they function as a cult — are seeking to establish an official student organization at Yale.

Kimball Smith Series hosts panel discussion on nuclear weapons

The Kimball Smith Series, which is in its first year, hosted an event on nuclear weapons on Friday.

Sri Lankan students at Yale organize fundraising efforts for country’s crisis

In response to the worst economic downturn since Sri Lanka’s independence, Sri Lankan students at Yale are fundraising for relief efforts in Sri Lanka — the group has raised almost $1,400 so far.

UP CLOSE | “The narratives of Yale-NUS were not shaped by us”: The history and unraveling of Yale-NUS

As Yale-NUS heads toward its closure in 2025, students shared how the school has been shaped by top-down decision-making from NUS.

Yale announces 2022 World Fellows

The Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program announced its 2022 cohort, which includes an Egyptian parliament member, a senior BBC news editor and the Head of the African Development Bank.

Yale Cyber Leadership Forum hosts discussion on “AI Ethics and Safety”

The Forum’s final session for this year featured five panelists over two discussions about cybersecurity, natural language processing and the ethical challenges surrounding artificial intelligence.

Yale experts criticize Kremlin for extending prison term of former Yale World Fellow Alexey Navalny

2010 World Fellow and Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny was sentenced to nine more years in prison based on likely trumped-up embezzlement and contempt of court charges.

“There is only one Yale-NUS, and now they have lost it”: Students at Yale-NUS dissatisfied with NUS College planning process

Students at Yale-NUS criticize the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) handling of the 2025 merger of Yale-NUS and NUS’ University Scholars’ Programme for its lack of transparency and student involvement.

Yale Cyber Leadership Forum hosts session on “Disinformation and the Future of Democracy”

In its second session, the Cyber Leadership Forum discussed disinformation and propaganda in the technological age.

The Rundown E7: On The Basis Of Art

Join producer Bea Soto ’24 as she interviews Lisa Hodermarsky, the head curator for the ‘On The Basis of Art Exhibit’ held at The Yale […]

“We’re not going to get a second chance at this”: Levinsohn outlines planning priorities for the new Jackson School of Global Affairs

Planning for Yale’s newest professional school is in progress, and the newly-appointed Dean Jim Levinsohn provided updates on faculty hires and logistical priorities for the school’s opening.