Milan Singh
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Milan Singh is a sophomore in Pierson College. His column, "All politics is national," runs fortnightly.
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SINGH: Let’s go Brandon!

Joe Biden is, officially, running for re-election. (Disclosure: I supported Biden for the Democratic nomination when he announced four years ago; I plan to vote […]

SINGH: Of course they won’t leave it to the states

On April 7, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of Texas issued a ruling striking down the FDA’s authorization of mifepristone, a drug used for medication […]

SINGH: Lock him up

Donald J. Trump is going to be indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan, per The New York Times. The charges? That the former president […]

SINGH: Laboratories of democracy

Louis Brandeis said that the states were the laboratories of democracy. Wisconsin is anything but; it can, at best, be described as a “flawed democracy.” […]

SINGH: Fiscal responsibility

As we get closer to the summer, you’re probably going to hear more and more about the fight to raise the debt ceiling in the […]

SINGH: The “free” state of Florida

Ron DeSantis wants to run for president; if press reports are to be believed, he’ll announce his bid sometime this spring, after the Florida legislative […]

SINGH: All politics is national

Across the street from my home in Cambridge is a branch of the public library bearing a large mural of Tip O’Neill. On the lower […]

SINGH: Roe and the red ripple

Going into Tuesday’s midterm elections, the consensus among pundits was that Democrats would get washed away by a red tsunami. The question was not whether […]

Yalies queue up for bivalent boosters on Cross Campus

Unexpectedly high turnout for the booster pop-ups on Nov. 3 and Nov. 10 led to long lines.

SINGH: Loosen zoning laws

The News recently published a story about how Yale’s on-campus housing shortage, combined with a “decades-long underproduction of units” in the surrounding city, has forced […]

SINGH: Choice for me but not for thee

Herschel Walker, the ex-football star-turned-Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, claims he is 100% pro-life. He has said that Georgia’s six-week abortion ban doesn’t go […]