Milan Milenkovic
Anti-Americanism fading in new Russia

It’s difficult to find a genuine anti-American around here in Moscow these days. But I finally came across a good one. She is in her […]

Senior Columnist: Milan Milenkovic

Driven by a passion for progress and liberty, Yalies have given their lives for independence, fought in wars against authoritarianism, protested in defiance of imperialism […]

Pax Americana: the deceptive promise of a new age

“My God, my God, what a wondrous marvel, when the army gathers at Kosovo!” The year was 1389, the darkest of ages, when the armies […]

India and Pakistan: Bordering on peace

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely […]

Turkey seeks respect within the European community

Istanbul, Turkey — “The day this country becomes a part of the EU, I will give up my British citizenship!” exclaimed my English friend. And […]

Memo to President Richard Levin

Dear President Levin: Corporate Yale needs to rethink its place in the race to improve higher education. Please don’t get me wrong. Classroom Yale has […]

Bush taps Yale graduate to head UN mission

This weekend, President George W. Bush promised John D. Negroponte ’60 some new office space. The address is 799 United Nations Plaza, the corner of […]