Mike Slater
Bolton-haters lose sight of U.S. interests

I don’t care if hissing is the normal sign of disagreement in the Yale Political Union. John Bolton ’70 LAW ’74 isn’t the guy down […]

Once again, Dean’s doing Dems no favors

Last week, Howard Dean told the Democratic faithful at a meeting in Toronto that Republicans are “brain dead.” Although many conservative feelings were hurt, I’m […]

Why ProCons are leaving the Dems in the dust

The Democratic Party’s slogan is “Moving America Forward,” but it’s the Republican Party that’s leading the charge. After Bush’s brilliant State of the Union address […]

On Social Security, Bush has the liberal idea

There’s this inaccuracy in politics today that says liberals always favor reform and new ways of thinking and conservatives oppose progress and changes to the […]

The left should start having faith in Bush’s faith

The demonizing of Bush’s faith by the liberal elite would be shameful if it wasn’t completely predictable. We are gearing up for a crucial election, […]

When talking troops, don’t slight Romania

During last week’s debate, Sen. John Kerry forgot to mention Poland as one of America’s strongest allies in the Iraq war. I would give Kerry […]

Stance on 527s show of liberal hypocrisy

We’re all drowning in hypocrisy this election season, and Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe is in control of the floodgates. Commenting on our President’s connection […]

Liberal demagoguery clouds stem cell debate

Every once in a while The New York Times will count the number of repetitions of a word or phrase in a political speech — […]