Michelle Taylor
TAYLOR: Time present and time past

For this is not an end, but a beginning. And lest you should worry, dear readers, know that I — and we — shall not cease.

TAYLOR: Dear prefrosh,

It is my belief that it is impossible to be miserable at Yale.

TAYLOR: Rites of spring

Spring has sprung.

TAYLOR: Rage — Goddess, sing

We fear hate because it runs a higher risk than love. Hate, in action, is destructive.

TAYLOR: Of monks and mason jars

Dorm life is the quintessence of college.

TAYLOR: For higher admissions standards

President-elect Salovey, what we need at Yale is more tall people. I mean, really tall people.

TAYLOR: #SB2013: There and back again

Be glad: you’re finally home.

TAYLOR: Posterity and prejudice

From what I’ve learned, posterity is tops.

TAYLOR: Friends’ benefits

A good friend, on the other hand, is forever.

TAYLOR: For a less vicious V-Day

Enjoy the day.

TAYLOR: Super Bowls and section

But most of us are, at worst, just misguided social learners who are too eager to share our thoughts and explore those of others.