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FANG: Time warped

In an oddly vivid memory I have of my childhood, I’m in the backseat of my mother’s cozy Honda, sitting directly behind the driver. Outside the […]

FANG: On art and access

Back stiff, right leg falling asleep, eyes instructed to stare out the window, I had been sitting in the same position for an hour. “Why?” […]

FANG: Exiting, briefly

Washington, D.C.: Oct. 17, 2019. We were ensconced on the smooth white steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The night felt surreal. Excitement buzzed around me, […]

FANG: Count me in

Yale tells us a narrative of selectivity, not only one of being selected, but also one of being selective. Within two weeks of getting to […]

FANG: A sheep transformed

Over the summer, I scribbled a chart. A diagram. A plan of my sophomore year, and maybe more. Gripping a blue gel pen I picked […]

FANG: Asian Yale

On a pleasant sunny afternoon, I lay on my sage green duvet, indulging in a common pastime: Instagram scrolling. Sunlight speckles into my tiny but […]

FANG: A broken kite no more

Editors’ Note: This piece originally appeared in the 2019 First Year Issue, published on August 2, 2019. No girl forgets the first time she was […]

FANG: People, here and there

Hong Kong is toasty egg waffles, serene mountains and sensational dim sum. Hong Kong is the lady in the trolley car, my boss and my […]

FANG: A eulogy

Death. A tragedy, a preordained cycle, a passing to the life everlasting — depends on who you ask. But me? I wouldn’t know. I’ve never […]

New York Times journalists discuss Trump, polarization

In a riveting Tuesday conversation on America’s bizarre political dynamic, New York Times Magazine staff writers Emily Bazelon ’93 LAW ’00 and Ross Douthat discussed […]

FANG: Saying No

Heart racing, fingers jittery, I begin typing in my dimly lit common room. “Dear Professor X, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join […]