Michael Wayne Harris
Harris: Don’t justify humanities

How to justify the humanities has fueled a popular debate recently. There has been a fad of writing about the topic in newspaper articles, editorial […]

Harris: Better arguments needed

Stephen Silva’s recent column (“A right means we can choose”) contains what has become a typical argumentative move by those advocating one’s right to marry […]

Harris: Bigotry not a mental illness

One of the problems I have with terms like racism, sexism, “bigotry” and “ignorance” (these last two deserve scare quotes because they are the most […]

Race dialogue stalled when views are ‘delegitimized’

Frantz Fanon, a psychiatrist in French-colonized Algeria, said this about racism: “I sincerely believe that a subjective experience can be understood by others… But it […]

Anti-blackface columnists lacked rational argument

These days, argument ad hominim is, unfortunately, how work gets done in the realm of debate. It’s been around forever, and our ability to disguise […]

In pursuit of profit, press censors internally

Patrick Ward (“From Yale to U. Florida, free speech sinking,” Oct. 4) makes two claims: our nation’s commitment to freedom of speech is tenuous, and […]

Co-op is using flag issue to push for power

I do not argue that altering the LGBT Co-op’s sign from “Yale Pride” to “Yale Gluttony” is a non-issue. Rather, I observe that if the […]

Choice of words tells much about dialogue

I’m convinced by Zahreen Ghaznavi and Altaf Saadi’s recent op-ed column (“Students should fight stereotyping of Muslims,” 2/23). I agreed with their points: Muslims are […]

In poster debate, intention is fundamental

When someone asks if you can pass the salt, you do not simply respond with “yes” and nothing more. You needn’t even respond with “yes” […]