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A year since Swensen told money managers to diversify firms, Yale stays silent on progress

Amid leadership turnover at Yale’s Investments Office, it is unclear how much progress has been made towards Yale’s efforts to lead firms to diversify.

Amid rising COVID-19 cases, students call for hybrid spring semester

Members of Disability Empowerment for Yale are putting pressure on the University to move to hybrid instruction in a new petition that has amassed nearly 500 signatures.

Students project giant Mario Kart game onto Beinecke Library

On Feb. 11, the side of Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library was lit up with a giant game of Mario Kart which attracted over 60 students.

In the shadow of Bouchet: an interview with Ferentz Lafargue

On the tall walls of Saybrook College’s dining hall hangs the portrait of Edward A. Bouchet, class of 1874. The portrait, first displayed to the […]

Students push for Persons with Disabilities Cultural Center

Yale student disability activists and leaders continue a years-long effort to create a new cultural center for students with disabilities.

Unsafe in the classroom: pandemic remains a threat for Yale’s immunocompromised students

As Yale College plans to resume in-person dining Monday and in-person classes next week, some immunocompromised students fear for their safety and feel they are being left behind in Yale’s policy making decisions.

Disparities in COVID-19 testing accessibility create tale of two pandemics

While students, faculty and staff at Yale enjoy a convenient COVID-19 test scheduling system and next-day results, New Haven residents struggle to find tests, especially amid testing shortages.

NDUBISI: On the critical race debate

There is a malicious plot developing in our nation’s schools. This shadowy scheme threatens to destroy the fabric of our society and tear this country […]

NDUBISI: A Defect of American Democracy

How did the esteemed upper chamber of the United States Congress descend into the dysfunctional dumpster fire known to us today as the United States […]