Michael Knowles
KNOWLES AND TAYLOR: MSA demands respect

In his Feb. 20 response to the New York Police Department’s monitoring of the Yale MSA, President Richard Levin paid mere lip service to the […]

KNOWLES: It’s time to beat Harvard

This weekend the Cantabrigian, barbarian hordes will arrive at our city gates to wreak havoc and evil upon the earth, and the Elis must be […]

KNOWLES: Idle demands for undefined change

The Yale College Republicans’ counterprotest to the Occupy Movement’s proposed indefinite “occupation” of the New Haven Green has sparked controversy and discussion, as we intended. […]

KNOWLES: A complaint too far

In their Wednesday piece entitled “Exacerbating Yale’s rape culture,” Title IX complainants Joseph Breen ’12, Alexandra Brodsky ’12, Kate Orazem ’12 and Hannah Zeavin ’12 […]

KNOWLES: Conscience of a coward

As President Obama read from the Book of Psalms to grieving families, friends and neighbors of the 3,000 innocent civilians murdered in the terrorists attack […]

Knowles: The debt is too damn high

President Obama’s refusal to address entitlement reform, unprecedented national debt and record federal deficits could well cost him his once-loyal youth vote in next year’s […]

Knowles: The audacity of smoke

When I was 15, my mother’s sometime boyfriend visited us on our vacation in Wildwood, NJ. We had not seen each other since I was […]

Knowles: Vote with me

The midterm elections next Tuesday will prove catastrophic for Democrats, and they can blame no one but themselves. Arrogance, obstinacy and a blind stupidity have […]