Gone packin

We’ll be back tomorrow from the U.S. to let you know about the last day of the trip.

Day Eight: Yalies descend on Shanghai

Wednesday was the much-awaited day of (relative) freedom in Shanghai, without any planned activities after lunch. But the day began early with a 7:30 breakfast […]

Day 7: A grain of salt, or a teaspoon of salt?

The agenda was a visit to a village outside Xi’an, and the question of the day seemed to be: Would this village show us the […]

Day 6: Terracotta Soldiers (!!!)

So you’ll have to forgive me if I gush a bit in this post — our main activity today was a visit to the Terracotta […]

Day 3: Examining Chinese education reform

Friday brought the Yale 100 delegates face-to-face with ongoing reforms to the Chinese education system, which are beginning to transform Chinese universities along American lines. […]

President Hu welcomes Yale 100 to China

Four hours after we arrived at Beijing Airport on Wednesday, Yale faculty and students were welcomed to China by President Hu Jintao in a brief […]