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Here Are All of the Things I Learned At Yale

Hi there! Over the course of my time at Yale, I have learned 37 things. Here they are. 1) Contrary to popular belief, if a […]

Didn’t Get Tapped for a Society? Here Are Six Other Exclusive, Terrible Organizations to Rush Next Year

Everyone knows that Yale’s secret society system is an elitist, exclusionary anachronism, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you get passed over on […]

Highlights from the Salovey Administration’s Handling of the Zagnar-Pillager-of-Dimensions Fiasco

January 24: At approximately 10 p.m., students studying on the top floor of Sterling Library begin to hear a low, rhythmic thumping emanate from below […]

Your Ideal Spring Break Destination, Based on the Type of Hag That Stalks Your Darkest Night-Terrors

It’s a problem a whole lot of us have faced: you’re young, you’re ready to explore the world, a crone from the beyond is endlessly […]

Point: “Lady Bird” Is a Rare Voice of Compassion and Sincerity

If you’d told me at this time last year that a movie would have such a powerful effect on me that, months later, the mere […]

Counterpoint: “The Emoji Movie” Is True Cinema, You Sniveling Children

Bah! You imbeciles wouldn’t know real film if it smacked you over your flabby noggins. Cinema is about confrontation. It’s about violence, and horror, and […]

Six Other Ways to Watch Laurie Santos Get Filmed as She Complains About Laptops

It’s official — Professor Laurie Santos’ lecture “Psychology and the Good Life” is the most popular class in Yale’s history. With almost 1,200 students enrolled […]

I Love Shopping Period Because It’s When I Can Do All My Baffling Internet Activity in Peace

Every time I go home for winter break and see my friends who go to other colleges fretting about the classes they signed up to […]

Eighteen Things You Can Tell Your Family Members Tinder Is So That They Never Ask You About It Again

Look, we’ve all been there: your extended family members half-read an article on NPR or something that mentions Tinder, and when you go home for […]

Who’s Who at Harvard Today!

The big weekend is finally here, and Yalies across the country are pouring onto campus to watch Harvard and Yale’s football teams duke it out. […]

All Right, Buddy, Either You Guess What My Halloween Costume Is Or You’re Gonna Have to Hear About My Very Specific Insecurities All Night // Micah Osler

Listen up, bub. No need for small talk. We’re here for a reason, so let’s cut straight to the chase, huh? I’m here because, as […]