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Megan Vaz is the former city desk editor. She previously covered Yale-New Haven relations and Yale unions, additionally serving as an audience desk staffer.
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Grad students head to the polls today and tomorrow. What would a recognized union look like?

Yale’s graduate and professional student workers will vote in a federal unionization process this week, with results expected in January.

Yale and Local 33 agree on union election date and voter eligibility

The National Labor Relations Board process will be held on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Most graduate and professional school workers will vote in-person or through absentee ballots to decide whether to form a collective bargaining unit.

City residents call for permanent free buses

After enjoying free public transport for the past seven months, New Haveners and alders spoke in support of permanently eliminating bus fares.

Yale affiliates donated $1.8 million this election cycle, primarily to liberal causes

FEC and SEEC filings show that affiliates mainly poured support into Democratic campaigns.

Yale agrees to first graduate union election in three decades

The University’s statement affirms it will honor Local 33’s petition for an official election via secret ballot while maintaining a commitment to academic supervisors’ freedom to express opinions on unionization.

Over a thousand call for Yale to remain union-neutral at Local 33 rally

Graduate student workers described an email sent by administration in September as “anti-union” and called on the University to allow unionization efforts to proceed without interference.

City disputes FOCUS account of homeless encampment clearing

While the city disputes aspects of the story told by FOCUS leaders and explains protocols, advocates raise concerns about other tent city clearings.

A Taste of Claire’s World

Growing up in New Haven’s Wooster Square, colloquially known as Little Italy, Claire Criscuolo picked up a thing or two about making hearty, home-cooked meals. […]

Four months after being left partially paralyzed in New Haven Police van, Randy Cox prepares to sue

As a state-level investigation into the actions of NHPD officers continues, Cox’s legal team looks to bring negligence charges in a civil rights lawsuit.

Courtesy of Yash Roy
News coverage of local minorities evolves across centuries

From its founding in 1887, the Yale Daily News has been inextricably tied to portrayals of the city of New Haven. Once a colonial city […]

Some graduate students air stipend concerns as inflation rates hit record levels

Although the graduate school increased stipends for this school year, workers must still contend with sky-high costs-of-living.