Megan Vaz
Staff Reporter
Megan Vaz is the former city desk editor. She previously covered Yale-New Haven relations and Yale unions, additionally serving as an audience desk staffer.
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Yale security officers ratify historic five-year labor contract

After months of negotiations, the University and the Yale Security officers’ union reached a five-year agreement including wage raises and expanded due process rights.

New Haven’s Soul Sweat hot yoga studio sizzles with business

Soul Sweat’s unique infrared-heated yoga classes have attracted a heavy following, especially among college students.

YPU and “Red Scare” podcaster Dasha Nekrasova resolve to polarize

Actress and online personality Dasha Nekrasova joined the Yale Political Union to debate political polarization.

Ten months in, what progress has been made on the historic city-university deal?

While Yale and New Haven leaders have shared developments in yearly voluntary payments and the Center for Inclusive Growth, the state of the High Street redesign plan and initiatives beyond the deal’s six-year lifespan remain up in the air.

Union Yes: Local 33’s three-decade road to recognition

Following Local 33’s election victory, the News tracks the union’s 33 years of organizing, speaking to organizers from every chapter of the union’s history.

City gives local arts organizations almost $200,000 in grants

The Neighborhood Cultural Vitality Grant Award prioritized supporting arts and cultural projects that aim to uplift the city’s underserved communities.

Yalies, local groups push for ranked-choice voting

Under a newly proposed bill, the state would adopt a system of ranked-choice voting for state and federal elections, a policy supported by Governor Ned Lamont.

Nurses, union and city ratify new six-year contract

The newly adopted labor agreement implements daily and yearly schedule changes, retroactive yearly pay raises.

Graduate and professional student workers vote to unionize in landslide election

In a landslide victory, Yale’s graduate and professional student workers have voted to unionize, marking a historic first after decades of organizing on campus. According […]

Understanding Yale’s construction hiring goals for New Haven residents

Although Yale has long affirmed its commitment to hiring New Haveners, the number of residents who have been hired for current construction projects remains unclear.

Graduate and professional workers vote on unionization

Graduate and professional students headed to the polls on Wednesday and Thursday to decide whether they may form a union. Results will be announced in January.