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Love letter to Istanbul

As winter break approaches, the “Are you going back home for the holidays?” question pervades every conversation. It provokes nostalgic thoughts of home and flip-flop-less showers eclipsed by burnout and coffee past 8:00 p.m. The next question generally is, “So, where is home for you?”, which is the one to always get me, because home for me is 7,953 kilometers (4,942 miles) away. 

My escape from reality

My mother always tells the story of how I started to read. My mother, sister and I would snuggle up in the same bed, turn on the bedside lamp and read our bedtime story. My sister would examine the illustrations as my mother read outloud. As we started getting sleepier, she would start skipping over sentences to get us to fall asleep faster. Apparently, after a while, I started to realize what she was doing and intervened, pleading, “Mommy read all of it please!” 

Home away from home

I open my eyes as the sun shines through the small, round window of my ninth floor dorm room. (Yes, I know, I live on the ninth floor of a building. Yes, we do have an elevator; no need to worry.) I have come to embrace Bingham Hall. I especially love the people, and living in such an enchanting building has made adapting much easier. I’m filled with joy every time I walk out the glamorous doors of one of the tallest residential buildings on campus. 

View from Bingham Hall
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