Max Gladstone
Rell budget gives funds for laptops in schools

Connecticut high school classrooms may soon be getting a boost into the 21st century, courtesy of the state government. The two-year budget proposal announced by […]

Students react to Bush speech

Political-minded Yalies joined the nation Wednesday night to watch President George W. Bush ’68 fulfill his constitutional responsibility to report on the state of the […]

Scientists unlock the secrets of sleep

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. In literature, sleep and dreams are often regarded as the frontiers of human […]

Video allows global dialogue

Early Wednesday morning, a handful of Yale students in a small room in the Law School joined in an international panel discussion with tsunami survivors […]

Students protest at Bush’s parade

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Dozens of Yale students joined thousands of others from around the country to march in protest against Bush’s inauguration Thursday. Leaving just […]

Planned execution sparks local activism

If convicted serial killer Michael Ross heads to the execution chamber Jan. 26 as expected, he goes according to his own wishes and those of […]

Stage prop instigates bomb scare

A suspicious package mistakenly identified as a bomb prompted New Haven police to close off a portion of College Street between Crown and Chapel streets […]

Bomb scare shuts down College Street

A suspicious package mistakenly identified as a bomb Friday morning prompted New Haven Police to close off a portion of College Street between Crown and […]

Firm to oversee hydrogen-power buses for the city

Imagine the vehicle of the future, equipped with a hydrogen-fuel-cell-based engine and wireless Internet access for professionals on the go. But it’s not a European […]

YHHAP fast gives funds to homeless

Food carts on York Street and the restaurants surrounding the University’s campus got a few more patrons than usual Thursday, as some Yale students sacrificed […]

Garwin discourages the use of space weapons

While references to Star Wars might cause some to recall cinema, the phrase reminds Richard Garwin of the Reagan administration and complex space-based missile defense […]