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GREEN brings vegan options to butteries

As part of the Sustainable Yale College Buttery Showcase, 11 butteries started serving new plant-based menu items to students last Sunday. During the event, which […]

Narcan training helps students spot overdoses

In an effort to combat opioid-related deaths, the Yale Public Health Coalition, in collaboration with the Yale-American Public Health Association, held a training event last […]

SPH student symposium celebrates public health research

As part of the first annual Yale-American Public Health Association National Public Health Week, members of the University community gathered at 47 College Street on […]

School of Public Health hosts first annual video challenge awards

In front of an audience of public health professionals, students and faculty members in Winslow Auditorium this Tuesday, Sara Gilbert ’97, creator of the talk […]

Ngan Vu
Yale scientists identify cancer-suppressing gene in mice

Remove just one gene in a cell and it can cause rapid, uncontrollable cell division — cancer. Animal immune systems have developed their own kind […]

Yale researchers weigh in on vaping epidemic

In a matter of years, e-cigarettes have spread across the country and into the hands of nearly four million adolescents, according to the National Youth […]

Esketamine to become available for Yale students

A variant of the popular ’90’s party drug ketamine that was discovered to treat severe depression, called esketamine, will be available to Yale students within […]

New childhood anxiety treatment focuses on the parents

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly one in three American children will experience at least some kind of anxiety disorder before reaching […]

Institute for Global Health launches Sustainable Health Initiative

On Feb. 25, the Yale Institute for Global Health announced the launch of the Sustainable Health Initiative, a startup accelerator geared towards improving public health […]

Researchers engineer immune cells to fight cancer

Deep in the cells of the human immune system, DNA is constantly being replicated, transcribed and even mutated — but rarely does it change dramatically. […]

Yale study investigates the origin of chewing

Humans chew, snakes swallow, birds peck and opossums … roll? A new Yale study sheds light on how early mammals ate their food. Researchers at […]