Matthew Shaffer
Shaffer: The right kind of elite

I hate the phrase “liberal elite.” A grating cliche, it’s like “gay agenda” or “evangelical” — poorly defined and too often spoken in a paranoid […]

Shaffer: Death of a Yale Man

This Sunday marks two years since the death of William F. Buckley, Jr. ’50, writer, conservative icon and Yale Man. I got to see Buckley […]

Shaffer: Much ado about hipsters

I have a love-hate relationship with hipsters. I love them, and they hate me. Hipsters are the cultural phenomenon of our time. Everybody talks about […]

Shaffer: A critical education

There’s a great joke in The Record. It’s a fake letter that goes like this: “Dear Directed Studies Freshman, Thank you for your criticisms of […]

Shaffer: Self, death, love

Like every other great empire in history, America’s decline is hastened by the sexual license of its elite. Yale University, a cesspool of sin, has […]

Shaffer: Lose faith in government

As President Obama pointed out in his State of the Union address, fewer Americans than ever before have faith in their government. I consider this […]

Shaffer: The Ordinary American

My fellow cognoscenti, a specter is haunting the East Coast — the specter of the ordinary American. Middle-class, Christian, sometimes mid-western, invariably poorly dressed, he […]

Shaffer: Educating for the good life

If you are a senior, you have only days to switch to a major in the humanities. If you’re not a senior, you have more […]

Shaffer: Responsibly P.C.

The distinguishing feature of a political question is that every side gets it wrong. This is the case with political correctness. There are two mistakes […]

Shaffer: Going rogue

On the eve of the release of Sarah Palin’s new book, the consensus is that she’s a nut. I have a dirty secret. I’ve tried […]

Shaffer: Smokers are people, too

Everybody blames the smokers. One little fire in Branford and the hegemonic, white-lunged majority hurls hatred at a threatened and dwindling, black-lunged minority. The comments […]