Matthew Schneider-Mayerson
Universities can move to increase disclosure

How should private universities handle requests for information about their investments? Consider the following two models: Model A: Students submit a list of companies about […]

Green candidate offers alternative to ‘Democrator’

With election day rapidly approaching, most of the space in these pages has been dedicated to Yale undergraduates who live (and perhaps even vote) in […]

Surprise, it’s the Yale Corporation’s five-finger discount

In a recent Yale Daily News article about his election to the Yale Corporation, Jeffrey Koplan commented, “To me, it’s like being a kid in […]

The hospital is menacing its poorest patients: What does Levin have to say?

A scandal has been engulfing Yale-New Haven Hospital, garnering two weighty Wall Street Journal articles and numerous headlines in the New Haven Register, Hartford Courant, […]

Channeling some of my inner anger

I’m madder than Richard Levin on speed at a union rally at how our self-righteous miser Mr. University has been giving its workers the Shifty […]

Strike time: here’s what you do

A strike is coming, and it’s going to force students to make decisions that most don’t want to make. The hesitant should remember a few […]

Yale’s inner-city blues (make me wanna holler)

A fortnight ago I echoed the condemnation of the New Haven Advocate: Yale had struck a deal with the New Haven Register that in return […]

Ten million people will be reading this column

Police claimed that only 30,000 marched the recent “anti-war” rally at the Capitol, organizers claimed at least 200,000 protested, and some activists — veterans of […]

Here comes Wal-Mart–There goes the neighborhood

In recent years Greater New Haven has been birthing Wal-Marts like an Old Testament matriarch. By dint of its poverty wages in the United States […]

Would Richard Levin lie to you, honey?

My father always told me that the most important commandment was “Honor thy mother and thy father.” Second was “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” […]

The sun never sets on Jeffrey’s secret Garten

In his new book “The Politics of Fortune,” Jeffrey Garten, dean of the School of Management, discusses the climate of American business in the wake […]