Matthew Gillum
Imaging could be boon for rape trials

During my not-so-distant days as an undergraduate, I remember when our dean of judicial affairs said that the panel of students and faculty charged with […]

To make the GPA useful, standardize it

As the semester ends, we oppressed teaching fellows get a chance to pull ourselves up out of proletarian squalor and participate in the most dysfunctional […]

Duke assault trial proves thorny

On the brink of spring break, players from Duke University’s lacrosse team hired two exotic dancers to perform at a party. According to police reports, […]

Divestment remains unproven solution

At least in the 1960s progressives understood the transactional logic of marijuana dealing, and knew that some primate species avoid war by having sex. This […]

Summers’ candor was his downfall

Within institutions committed to the forward march of knowledge, one might imagine it more important to be right than popular. Alas, with Tuesday’s resignation of […]

Hookups explained, scientifically

In time for Valentine’s Day, it seems appropriate to explore the practice of “hooking up.” The term has varying definitions, but, for our purposes, we […]

Opening classes to all via Web would yield exponential benefit

Yale is home both to Dwight Hall, the nation’s largest student-run network of service organizations, and legendary scholarship. Yale embodies a unique commitment to learning […]

Somewhere, Charles Darwin is smiling

In 1990, Craig Tuerk and Larry Gold, biologists at the University of Colorado, published a paper in the journal Science heralding a new process they […]

Fight the nucleotides conspiring against us

From the shackles of feudalism to the corruption of the Catholic Church during the 16th century, human history can be seen as a succession of […]

E-mails vilify teens, superheroes

After receiving a flurry of concerned e-mails, Police Chief James Perrotti apologized to the Black Student Alliance Thursday for describing the perpetrator of a mugging […]

Evolution, not culture, deserves blame for rape

At Yale, rape is allegedly more common than the university lets on. Whether this charge is true or not, ethnographers have yet to discover a […]