Matthew Brimer
Brimer: Crafting a new American future

NEW YORK — Since moving to New York City last summer, I’ve organized a monthly gathering of Yale alumni entrepreneurs in swanky locales around Manhattan. […]

BUSINESS COLUMN | Brimer: Consumers, politicians and shaving cream?

Imagine the most epic can of shaving cream you have ever seen. The name brand is all upper-case in a white-on-blue design. A tagline is […]

BUSINESS COLUMN | Brimer: Pirates do fuzzy math

When you download an album for free, what is the music actually worth, economically speaking? Perhaps I should rephrase: What is the price of a […]

Brimer: Bring the Internet to the world

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. There’s a little-known office with a small staff but immense clout housed in […]

Brimer: A bit of the old ultra-finance!

A curly-haired young man wearing an untucked button-down shirt, jeans and a blazer walks coolly into the bank. His iPod is on shuffle, and his […]

NOGAYS e-mailers explain their actions

Yes. We are the ones who sent that “NOGAYS” e-mail early one morning a few weeks ago. Chock full with as much ridiculousness as we […]