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Electrified Mind

The basement of the Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital where psychiatrist Brandon Kitay treats his patients is indistinguishable from any other clinical suite. It houses […]

Marisa Peryer
Peabody Specimen Spotlight

Over 65 million years ago, a giant meteor— roughly seven miles wide — crash-landed into what is now Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. “Right in the middle […]

Yale apppoints neuro-oncology chief

Antonio Omuro will serve as the new chief of neuro-oncology, a division of the Yale Cancer Center that focuses on brain tumor treatment and research, the center announced on Thursday.

Vacant West Campus building transforms into Art Space

For three days last weekend, a vacant building next to the School of Nursing transformed into an art hub. The facility — untouched by renovations […]

FDA approves new flu medication

As flu season begins in full swing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new antiviral medication to treat influenza symptoms on Wednesday. This […]

Alpern reappointment feedback incomplete, committee argues

The University must decide if they will grant Robert Alpern, who has presided over the medical school for nearly 15 years, another term as dean, but the feedback process is incomplete.

Stripped of endowed chair, Simons files lawsuit against Yale

Michael Simons — a YSM professor found responsible for sexually harassing a junior colleague in 2013 —filed a lawsuit against Yale last month for stripping him of the endowed Waldemar von Zedtwitz chair.

FDA raids Juul headquarters

The contentious e-cigarette Juul, first released into tobacco markets in 2015, has since exploded in popularity — but not without scrutiny from critics who have […]

Peabody set to expand following $160 million donation

In August, Edward P. Bass ’67 donated $160 million to Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History. His gift — one of the largest in Yale’s […]

Opioid overdose interventions demonstrate effectiveness

The U.S. has faced an opioid overdose crisis for nearly 30 years, and both policymakers and scientists have been working to develop solutions to the […]

Unmasking imposter syndrome: professors host talk

Sandy Chang ’88, the associate dean for science and quantitative reasoning education, struggled with imposter syndrome as a low-income, minority student at Yale. Prompted by […]

Marisa Peryer