Margy Slattery
U. Chicago recalls ‘rising star’

CHICAGO — When he was a professor of law at the University of Chicago, president-elect Barack Obama’s favorite classroom was Room V, the Harry A. […]

Joy, pride surge in Chicago

CHICAGO — Renee Pearcey anxiously awaited voting results from her home state of Florida — an electoral battleground — in Grant Park on Tuesday night. […]

Eli profs show Obama support in dollars

So far this year, Yale professors have come out — pocketbooks first — in support of Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Yale […]

City celebrates Obama

CHICAGO — Monday night was breezy and calm in Grant Park, except for news vans humming, security guards trolling and a lone street musician strumming, […]

A cooler Inferno returns

Yalies nostalgically look back on Calhoun College’s Trolley Night and Silliman College’s Safety Dance as rites of passage in their undergraduate years. In comparison, Pierson […]


At a speech on Monday in Canton, Ohio, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama urged supporters not to get complacent before Election Day next week. […]

AROUND NEW HAVEN | At Festival, fall goodies for all

The Upper State Street Fall Festival will take place this Sunday from 12-4 p.m. in the parking lot between Bradley and Eld streets. Patrons at […]

Law clinic brings justice to prisoners

In 2002, the terms “war on terror,” “enemy combatant” and Guantánamo Bay had only recently become buzzwords in a post-Sept. 11 United States, under the […]

Miller leaves legacy of unity

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. It was Alice Miller’s first Halloween in Saybrook College. When her mother, Mary, […]

Fire dept. rethinks structure

  In 2002 MMA Consulting Group, Inc. of Boston issued an Operational Review of the New Haven Fire Department, recommending a plan to improve the […]

A fresh start for school lunches

Two weeks ago a peculiar aroma emanated from the sky over 50 New Haven public school cafeterias. Mystery meat? Nope. Tuna surprise? Hardly. The source: […]