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A History of Petals

1. In Japanese, “petal” is a unit of measurement referring to (i) pages in a book (ii) clouds, or (iii) flowers.

A Genealogy of Solitude

I am going to begin by saying something in poor taste. But I am holding out my hand to you as I say it, and I hope you will trust me.

We Were Always Wanderers

What matters is not what it is, but how I’ve felt it. But here we are understanding only “what makes sense”.

Petals (My Queer Womanhood)

It’s not acted out for the sake of spectacle. It’s not a whimsical, gender-bending fuck-you to ‘the system.’ Nor is it my way of saying, “I’m not afraid of what you think.” Because I am afraid of what you think. This matters to me. This femininity.

Closets (My Queer Manhood)

Learning to be gay is a dangerous thing. I have learned to be gay; and girls have come to see me as a child; a little boy, to be hugged and kissed. You will, no doubt, find this familiar.