Maggie Reid
Local students excel at Mathcounts

After months of solving practice problems and honing their numerical skills, junior high students at two New Haven middle schools earned top marks at a […]

Panel discusses green investment

Some venture capitalists think it may be no coincidence that money and the environment share a certain shade of green. A panel of three venture […]

Bush taps ex-lecturer

Years before President George W. Bush ’68 appointed Joshua Bolten to the top White House position, chief of staff, on Tuesday, Bolten was a Yalie […]

Harvard avenges last year’s blood drive loss

Though some may say the rivalry between Yale and Harvard has fostered bad blood between undergraduates at both schools, students involved in the Harvard-Yale Blood […]

M. lacrosse opens with narrow loss

Maybe if they had had a few more games under their belts, the men’s lacrosse team would have been able to defeat the University of […]

Dems lobby for tax reform

The Yale College Democrats traveled to Hartford on Thursday, lobbying alongside state legislators for a tax credit reform bill aimed at refunding money to low-income, […]

New tool helps city enforce parking

Aggressive measures to help the city of New Haven collect revenue and close a multimillion-dollar budget gap are the impetus for new parking enforcement tactics, […]

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After earning numerous awards in Europe and an Academy Award nomination for best foreign language film, Marc Rothemund’s “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days” is finally […]

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As a freshman in Directed Studies, Molly Worthen ’03 GRD ’11 said, she once adorned a notebook with the sentence “Charles Hill is God,” the […]

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Nearly eight years after a group of reform-minded Yale Law students founded the Amistad Academy to help close the achievement gap between urban and suburban […]

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Three international workers discussed the alleged human rights abuses in Wal-Mart’s sweatshops and their hopes for change and restitution at a Pierson College Master’s Tea […]