Maggie Reid
Brownell testifies on school food

Kids may prefer the taste of Little Debbie and Gatorade to that of broccoli and orange juice, but nutritionists from around the country said Tuesday […]

Readiness is key in event of influenza pandemic

Laptops, dirty laundry and textbooks can already be found in every dormitory, but students should make room for surgical masks and gloves in the event […]

Stomach flu sweeps Eli ranks

Since returning to campus from break last month, an unusually large number of students have fallen victim to colds and the flu, students and a […]

Speaker: Science can rewrite historical truth

On a day when most were simply cursing nature for the impossibly cold temperatures, guest lecturer William Cronon was trying to convince people of the […]

Yale still mecca for midwives

Graduate students looking for a degree in nursing have many schools to choose from, but for those interested in becoming midwives, the options are fewer, […]

Students protest Plan B restrictions

Waving signs advocating “compassionate care,” about 15 students gathered in front of St. Raphael’s Hospital in silent protest Friday to call on Catholic hospitals across […]

Black women lack information about breast cancer

A lack of communication about mammography test results may be hindering the fight against breast cancer among black women in Connecticut, according to recent work […]

EPH school welcomes HS students

The Yale School of Public Health offered local high school students and Yalies a brief glimpse into the field during its sixth annual Diversity Day […]

Toxic chemicals pose threat

Recent research at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies shows that an unusual phenomenon of deformed frogs in local wetlands may indicate a serious […]

Research revises ideas about primate ancestry

Many high school biology students are taught to draw primate family trees, showing exactly how many millions of years ago chimps and gorillas diverged. New […]

New grant will fund child autism program

The Yale Child Study Center will receive millions of dollars in funding to expand its comprehensive research program on autism and child development disorders and […]