Maggie Grether
Staff Reporter
Maggie Grether covers housing and homelessness for city desk. Originally from Pasadena, California, she is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles college.
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Court blocks eviction of migrant workers by boss-landlord

Edgar Becerra, a migrant worker from Guatemala, will remain at 200 Peck St. as he awaits his pending workers’ compensation complaint against his employer MDF Painting & Power Washing.

Lenox Street Tenants Union demands landlord enter negotiations 

Union members and activists gathered outside the office of Ocean Management with a petition alleging landlord neglect.

Organizers propose city resolution calling for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war

The resolution, which calls for immediate and permanent ceasefire in the war in Israel and Gaza and condemns antisemitism and Islamophobia, has yet to be assigned to committee.

City’s fourth tenants union forms at Lenox Street in Fair Haven Heights

After landlord Ocean Management said it was looking to sell properties at 195 and 199 Lenox St., tenants formed a union to renew existing leases and protect against rent increases.

Pro-Palestine protesters rally in front of City Hall

On Indigenous People’s Day, the pro-Palestine protest related their struggle to a global movement against colonialism; the rally was held days after a surprise attack against Israel by Hamas and met by a smaller counter-protest.

Volunteers lay foundations for six tiny homes to serve unhoused New Haveners

Leaders of the Rosette Neighborhood Village Collective are building the tiny homes to provide additional privacy and stability for residents.

Homeless service providers sound alarm on ‘critically underfunded’ response system 

Providers requested $50 million but only received $5 million, all of which the state allocated toward cold weather funding.

Affordable housing crisis leaves grad students and city residents scrambling

With rent prices rising across the city, graduate students and New Haven residents have found it increasingly difficult to find affordable and adequate housing.

New Haven’s unhoused community mourns leader and friend Keith Petrulis

Petrulis, a core member of the unhoused activist organization U-ACT, died while experiencing homelessness last month.

City officials and advocates reflect on two terms of Elicker’s housing policy

Ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic primary, the News spoke with activists and city officials about New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, rising homelessness and a growing affordable housing crisis.

Ocean Management rescinds evictions, agrees to negotiate with tenants union

Days after hundreds of protestors gathered outside City hall to support the Blake Street Tenants Union, Ocean Management signed an agreement withdrawing eviction notices and returning to the negotiating table.