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Madison Hahamy is a junior from Chicago, Illinois majoring in English and in Human Rights. She previously wrote for the Yale Daily News and served as Senior Editor for The New Journal.
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Professional home organizing is not for everyone. It’s a physically demanding job; organizers are often expected to carry boxes, haul glassware, and move furniture. It can be monotonous, with hours spent in the same room positioning and repositioning the same objects over and over again. It can be frustrating, as customers frequently make requests the organizer knows their clients will regret (and then, two hours later, they’re forced to redo entire sections of the home because the customer did indeed regret said choices). In other words, professional home organizers need to be strong. They need to be patient, they need to love their work, they need to smile easily and be slow to anger. In other words, they need to be Mary.

Teaching fellow shortage to blame for intro course caps

In some cases, students have been turned away, and professors expressed long-term concerns about Yale’s classroom environments.

Students photographed from behind in a lecture in Sloane Physics Laboratory 59.
Yale Black Postdoctoral Association celebrates first anniversary

The three founders of YBPA discussed the importance of the group and laid out its future goals.

FAS Senate solicits faculty feedback about return to in-person teaching

The University Provost clarified accommodation policies and mask guidelines ahead of the term’s start.

A student sits in a c
Ethnicity, Race and Migration to hire two tenure track positions

Latinx studies and Native American and Indigenous studies at Yale under the Ethnicity, Race and Migration Program will both receive one new faculty member.

Donald Kagan — former classics, history professor and dean — dies at 89

Kagan, known as a defender of conservative values on campus, served as Sterling professor emeritus of classics and history and was a former dean of Yale College.

Unsealed arrest warrant provides additional details on the murder of Kevin Jiang ENV ’22

The unsealed warrant reveals Qinxuan Pan was likely involved with other New Haven shootings and reveals new information about the night of Jiang’s murder.

A headshot of Pan
Class Day takes place virtually during hybrid commencement week

The Sunday event featured four speakers from the class of 2021 alongside Broadway and film composer Robert Lopez ’97.

Class Day takes place virtually during hybrid commencement week

This year’s Class Day — an annual graduation tradition organized by students — took place virtually on YouTube, amid a hybrid Commencement week that included both in-person […]

Qinxuan Pan arrested for murder of Kevin Jiang

Qinxuan Pan, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was arrested in Alabama Friday morning for the murder of Kevin Jiang ENV ’22.

A headshot of Pan
Nuno Monteiro, associate professor of political science, has died

Professor Nuno Monteiro died on May 5 from causes not yet disclosed. He is survived by his wife and two young children.