Maddie Broder
Broder: Learning to brush it off

That’s right, folks. The Winklevii are back and baring their teeth. In case you are part of the .0001 percent of the population that didn’t […]

Broder: Resolutions for body and soul

Good morning Yalies! Over break, I read that Oprah advises not to make New Year’s resolutions — because they tend to leave you feeling constantly […]

Broder: Etiquette for the muggle gym

Has anyone besides me noticed that the doors going into Commons are really hard to open? It takes me a running start to get those […]

Broder: Perils of the Facebook thread

I’m not much of a pleasure reader, but last week my book of choice was a 220-page PDF entitled “Mwaahhahaha,” a Facebook thread among four […]

Broder: Ditching laptops and dumping boyfriends?

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an op-ed entitled “Ditch Your Laptop, Dump Your Boyfriend”: tidbits of practical advice for the first […]