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317 apply to Yale through Coalition App

This year, 317 students applied to Yale using the new Coalition Application.

UP CLOSE: What’s in a name?

The renaming of Calhoun College closed a debate that turns on the legacy of American slavery, the complexities of race and representation in America and, above all, the chilling power of a name like that of John C. Calhoun, class of 1804. But on these questions, Yale alumni are not of one mind.

Salovey reluctant to meet with Students Unite Now

Salovey said it would make more sense for SUN to meet with the officials in Yale College who directly administer financial aid.

Yale an outlier as Ivy admit rates drop

Every Ivy saw a lower acceptance rate this cycle, with the exception of Yale.

Yale admits 6.9 percent of applicants

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions released its regular admissions decisions today for what will be its largest freshman class in history, accepting 2,272 students from a pool of 32,900 overall applicants for the Class of 2021.

International applicants undeterred by Trump

Yale is one of the approximately 60 percent of American universities that have not seen a decrease in international student applications.

FAFSA tool removal creates hurdles for students

The Office of Financial Aid has been monitoring the IRS’ decision to discontinue its Data Retrievel Tool.

Term bill to increase 3.5 percent

The University announced that the Yale College term bill will increase from $64,650 to $66,900.

University responds to criticism of donors

University administrators have urged students to take a more balanced perspective toward donors.

SUN holds rally to eliminate student effort

Roughly 150 students swarmed Beinecke Plaza Friday demanding the elimination of the student effort.

Administrators defend Schwarzman’s Trump ties

Stephen Schwarzman’s link to Trump has not gone unnoticed at Yale.