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DEFELICE: “Old, white men”

My Saturday morning activity lately has been watching “Real Time with Bill Maher” over breakfast. Last month, listening to yet another panel discussion on President […]

What Does a Philosopher Do with His Money?

Daniel Greco is the director of undergraduate studies at Yale’s Department of Philosophy. Before moving to New Haven, he studied at Princeton, Cambridge and MIT. […]

What Does a Psychologist Do with Her Money?

So far in the search for a rational consumer, we’ve heard from an economist about her financial behavior and it was pretty admirable. But an […]

DEFELICE: Is it enough?

Like many of my peers, I’ve thrown around a phrase that goes something like this: “We’ve got a $27-billion endowment. You’d think we could afford […]

What Does an Economist Do with Her Money? // Louis DeFelice

If you’ve ever taken an economics class, you’ve studied the “rational consumer.” But who is the rational consumer? Does one exist? This is the first […]

DEFELICE: Banking for love

Chase, Citi and American Express, among others, have sponsored my four-year (and counting) long-distance relationship. I am eternally grateful. Let me explain. I left the […]

DEFELICE: Fossil-free you

The argument for institutional divestment, which includes a fossil-free Yale, doesn’t have much financial merit. But it is convincing from a more philosophical perspective: Divestment […]

DEFELICE: Saving for retirement, now

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article in the News encouraging students to over borrow for their education while simultaneously investing money for the future. […]

DEFELICE: Beating the student income contribution

Here’s a short version of how to hack the student income contribution. Borrow more money from the federal government than you need to pay your […]