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Branford genomics facility expands

Four months after its opening, the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Lab­— located in Branford, Connecticut and run by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai — is on track to meet its growth targets for the year.

No surprise, positive emotions mean more cooperation

When people decide whether to make decisions that benefit the greater good at some personal cost, they tend to be more cooperative when they go with their gut than when they deliberate on the issue. Now, Yale researchers have provided greater insight into the processes that drive cooperation and determine how well people work together in everyday life.

New app to improve physician communication

Doctors and nurses at Yale-New Haven Hospital will soon be able to stay abreast of their patients’ treatment wherever they are, thanks to a smartphone app that is quietly transforming patient care.

Decoding the past, opening up the future

Jonathan Rothberg GRD ’91, the inventor of high-speed DNA sequencing, said his original motivation for developing the technology came from the Peabody Museum.

Influence of genes depends on era of birth

Those who carry a particular obesity-related gene variant are more likely to be overweight. Yet, a new study shows that this same gene variant might not have predisposed previous generations to obesity if they were born before 1942.

FOOTBALL: Looking back to 2006

It has been years since Yale beat Harvard, but how did the 2006 team do it?

Hundreds bid farewell to Yale particle accelerator

Long lines formed outside the bunker-like home of Yale’s nuclear accelerator Saturday morning as hundreds waited to see the mammoth atom smasher one last time.

Working together, two brain regions arrest impulses

Two brain regions play complementary roles when people stop themselves from blurting out that inappropriate comment or walking into an oncoming car, researchers have found.

Students, alumni convene to discuss leadership

Brought together by a shared hunger to grow as leaders, 70 members of the Yale community convened this weekend to study the essence of leadership.

Carbon task force opens floor on carbon tax

The newly convened Presidential Carbon Charge Task Force held its first forum yesterday evening to engage students and faculty on the prospecting of implementing a carbon tax at Yale.

Halloween extravaganza thrills New Haven

Screams filled the stone-white hallways as children raced from one darkened chamber to the next, pursued by phantoms and confronted by reapers that emerged suddenly out of the heavy fog.