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A Guide to “Self-Care”

Well, we’re here, everyone. After watching everyone subtly (and sometimes inadvertently) flex their wealth on their Instagram stories over spring break, we’re all back on […]

To Swipe Or Not To Swipe

When we come to Yale, our phones adjust accordingly. We religiously use GCal, we (don’t) set an alarm, so we can wake up for our […]

“Now This is My House:” A Night of Drag and Glitter

On Feb. 1 and 2, the Yale Cabaret is hosting its sixth annual drag show, a glitter-filled extravaganza featuring Yale School of Drama students and […]

Courtesy of Yale Cabaret
Throw Everything Away: Advice from Marie Kondo and Myself

It’s the new year, and we all know what that means — every post on Instagram captioned “thank u, next year.” But also, it’s time […]

Selling Out to AirPods

I’m just going to come out here and say it: AirPods look fucking stupid. I’m sorry, I get it. You’re trying to find a way […]

A Truly Ambitious Carbohydrate Crossover Event

Ah yes, Thanksgiving, the time of year when you’re confronted with relatives, political differences, imposing questions about your love life, your lack of a summer […]

YSO transports Woolsey to “Transcendent Worlds”

On Saturday evening, the Yale Symphony Orchestra transported a packed Woolsey Hall through the cosmos in a program titled “Transcendent Worlds.” The performance — which […]

Dante’s Treachery: Bass Library

If you are ever wondering what the absolute bottom of hell is like, step no farther than (B)ass Library. This tri-level torture chamber has everything: […]

Claire Mutchnik
Yale Health Hates Sick People

Coughing, aching and stumbling, the cold, dark building on the horizon welcomed me back once more. If you mashed together the Death Star and an […]

Ashley Anthony
In Defense of Crocs

The minute I stepped into the Silliman College dining hall I knew something was wrong. I saw people looking, staring, gawking at my feet. It […]