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CHILDRESS: The keys to the castle

Every year, around 15 junior students are chosen by each of Yale’s secret societies to become members. After an arduous yet largely arbitrary selection process, […]

CHILDRESS: Trump won. Sexism will not.

No matter how much sexist messaging we may hear in the next four years, know that it is wrong. Tell young girls how special and important they are. Ask them what they’ll do when they’re president one day.

Shouting and Clapping Through Years of Dance

There is a class at Yale where we begin by taking off our shoes and walking back and forth with our eyes closed.

White House hosts New Haven Promise director for education summit

Some 300 university presidents, non-profit leaders and corporate CEOs — including New Haven Promise Executive Director Patricia Melton — gathered at the White House yesterday to examine strategies for driving up college completion rates.

Cho avoids prison time

After accusations of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages from his employees and failing to cooperate fully with a Department of Labor investigation, Gourmet Heaven owner Chung Cho will not see the inside of a prison cell.

New Haven immigrants mull Obama order

The Elm City is currently home to around 14,000 undocumented immigrants, according to Mary Buchanan of DataHaven. It remains unclear just how many will still be at risk of deportation under Obama’s executive action.

New Haven Promise hosts national conference

About 200 education and economic development experts from across the country gathered in the Yale University Art Gallery on Wednesday evening to celebrate the first night of PromiseNet 2014 — a three-day national education conference.

University Properties to open seven new businesses

The area immediately surrounding Yale is about to see a flurry of new business offerings.

Yale expands United Way partnership

This month marks the start of the United Way and Yale partnership campaign, an annual fundraiser where Yale employees give part of their paycheck to serve New Haven.

YHHAP event offers new services

Over a hundred members of New Haven’s homeless population gathered in St. Paul’s Church at 57 Olive St. Friday morning, receiving dental checkups, legal aid and other social services.

Malloy sweeps New Haven, Yale

In line with New Haven’s traditional Democratic leaning, Gov. Dannel Malloy won the Elm City by a landslide.