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WANG: Asian, American

Like many Asian-American children, I played piano. No matter how cash-strapped my parents were, we kept going to lessons, cutting back spending elsewhere instead. However, […]

WANG: The inside track

In an essay I had written in my first semester at Yale, I brimmed with gritty optimism, writing, “If I must work twice as hard […]

WANG: The big little things

I’d been fishing before. In middle school, I remember going to Galveston’s piers in the late evenings, where people cast out lines with multiple hooks, […]

WANG: Which American dream?

There’s a Dr. Seuss book on my shelf, gifted by a teacher when I graduated high school. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” the cover exclaims […]

WANG: Outside the ivory tower

The most important lessons I’ve learned have not come from the aimless ramblings of seminar discussions or even the sharp insights of good lecturers. Rather, […]

WANG: Groupthink grousings

When I first arrived on campus, I joined several different organizations. I signed up for the Yale College Democrats, the Yale College Council, several campus […]

WANG: Food for thought

My knowledge of most places in Houston — the city in which I grew up for eighteen years — is surprisingly sparse. The only exception […]

WANG: What looks like home

We often picture home as a physical place, marked by wooden front doors and childhood bedrooms. Ask anyone, though, and they’ll tell you that places […]

WANG: Gratitude debt

A friend recently laid out some rough math: The chance of running into another Ivy League graduate similar to us — low-income, first-generation Houstonians — […]

WANG: Pain and power

When #MeToo suddenly flooded social media with testimonials about sexual harassment, assault and violence, I applauded those who spoke out. Yet, even as I was […]

WANG: Outside the box

Glancing around my “Women in Modern America” class last year, I spotted about a dozen men in the large lecture hall. When I stopped a […]