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WANG: A life worth sharing

The Sunday morning before I return to Yale is sweet, air crisped by heavy snowfall. I’m buoyed by the beat of an energetic café, packed […]

WANG: A technical difficulty

Before 2014, Facebook’s motto was “move fast and break things.” Meanwhile, Amazon drilled the credo “speed matters” into employees. The mantra for Travis Kalanick, Uber’s […]

WANG: Learning to school

On weeks when the world felt aflame, I dragged myself out of bed at 3:15 a.m. on Saturdays. In the brisk pre-sunrise morning, a couple […]

WANG: Beautiful things, too

My mother was folding laundry on the mattress in the living room where my dad slept. Sunlight streamed into the apartment, bouncing off piles of […]

WANG: The golden ticket

One of my earliest memories is getting drunk: The refrigerator and air conditioning in our apartment had broken down, and the juice I had for […]

WANG: America, the beautiful

The version of me that America wants wears a well-tailored, sharp black suit — 00 but not petite — to a nice, white-collar job. Her […]

WANG: Everything to lose

We are sinking into the sofa cushions, two usually assertive women hugging pillows close. I am 20 and proudly independent, fiercely protective of friends, unfazed […]

WANG: Par excellence

In the last few days of its court hearing against affirmative action, Harvard University will wrap up its defense with testimonies from current and former […]

WANG: Changemakers, all of us

People typically think of the time and money spent on higher education as an investment, made worthwhile by the high returns to education. In 2014, […]

WANG: The greater good

Before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday, one of our alumni used the Yale name to combatively deflect questions about his character in the face […]

WANG: Letting the chips fall

Five days before I was set to arrive for a field research project in Uganda, my housing arrangements fell through. Jinja, a small town on […]