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In Search of an I

Once, while volunteering at the Science Centre in Singapore, I met some Vietnamese students roughly around my age. I tried to introduce myself in Vietnamese […]

The Smithsonian Chamber Players perform Schubert with historical instruments

Ever wondered how Schubert’s music sounded in his time? On Sunday, audience members at the last performance of the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments concert […]

Grad students face off in thesis competition

Graduate students pour countless hours into producing a thesis in hopes of graduating with a doctorate. But the focuses of graduate schools have also grown […]

Fans of all ages gather to hear They Might Be Giants

The blue lights on the stage dimmed, and a cheer rippled through the audience at College Street Music Hall. The anticipation was palpable among a […]

Chem conference draws students, profs

The Yale Department of Chemistry held its 17th annual Connecticut Organic Chemistry Symposium and poster session on April 12 at the Sterling Chemistry Laboratory. The […]

Symposium aims to bridge gap between STEM, humanities

The Yale Digital Humanities Laboratory and Yale Steam, an undergraduate organization that aims to foster increased interaction between the arts and sciences, on Friday hosted […]

U.S. blind to group identity, Chua says

In her book, Chua argues that the United States has been spectacularly blind to the importance of group identities, especially the ones that matter most.

Show takes audience on multimedia journey

How do you play a guitar? By plucking the strings? By hitting the strings with sticks? Or, perhaps, by blowing air canisters over the strings? […]

Jepsen endorses Lamont for governor

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen endorsed businessman and former U.S. Senate candidate Edward “Ned” Lamont SOM ’80 for governor last Monday in one of the […]

Students host first-ever international policy competition

For nearly six hours on Saturday, 15 teams of Yale students tackled the problem of rebuilding the Iraqi city of Mosul in a new policy […]