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there are pomegranates in your cheeks. a saccharine smile leaves the sap in its place. your eyes sparkle with the sugar. there’s a tree in […]

JACKSON: Gaining back my city

I was 8 years old when I watched my first Broadway show, “Wicked.” I remember being enchanted by the beauty of it all. I couldn’t […]

JACKSON: Six feet apart

I was on my balcony, a homemade iced latte in hand and the intention of studying in mind, holding a virtual study date with a […]

JACKSON: Esprit de corps

I spent the night of March 6 out with my suitemates. Out of sheer and unprecedented luck, all of us had ended up going out […]

JACKSON: How much is too much?

Greek life is commonly seen as a hallmark of the American college experience. The glamour of being a part of these communities is sought after […]

JACKSON: Polarizing film

Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” won four Oscars this past Sunday at the Academy Awards. The most pivotal accolade is arguably the film’s victory in the “Best […]

JACKSON: Longing for sadness

“I think I miss being sad.” My friend’s voice echoed throughout my room at a too-late hour of the night. I remember his voice filling […]

JACKSON: Female fulfillment

I am a firm believer in duality. I’ve always prescribed to the idea that people can be numerous things at once. Even if those things […]

JACKSON: Present, not perfect

I’ve always liked to be in control. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always taken immense comfort in knowing exactly what will come […]

JACKSON: Going beyond words

Words hold immense power. They can both strengthen and destroy. Since the beginning of time, words have brought about both decade-long wars and the greatest love […]

JACKSON: Our own biggest critic

I tend to brace myself for the worst. When I receive a notification from Canvas, “Exam 2 Has Been Graded,” I assume I failed. When […]