Leah Libresco
Libresco: A trivial pursuit

My favorite response when I was on the “Jeopardy! College Championship” was to the prompt: “The book of Mark recounts how believers, including Jesus, were […]

Libresco: For a paper in print

As a New York Times reader, I can’t sleep in on Fridays, even if I don’t have class, because I know, if I am too […]

Libresco: Train for America

During the hustle and bustle of shopping period, it’s easy to forget that we have decisions to make aside from choosing classes. But, in a […]

Libresco: Shirts hide our best selves

The Freshman Class Council has finally resolved its T-shirt troubles, substituting a generic anti-Harvard logo for a problematic F. Scott Fitzgerald line calling Harvard men […]

Libresco: Memories lost forever

Imagine you’ve got a lot of family heirlooms — old furniture, photos, and files — you want to keep but have no way to store […]

Libresco: Thinking scientifically to think clearly

It’s been a bad week for science. Senator Tom Coburn’s introduction of an amendment to prohibit the National Science Foundation from giving any grants to […]

Libresco: Weaker vaccines for better health

During Yale Summer Session, my “Epidemics in American Culture” class needed only two weeks to wipe out a good quarter of the earth’s population, and […]

Libresco: Our new, unknowable credit scores

My 18-year-old brother, just about to start college, can’t get a credit card to save his life. He doesn’t have bad credit, but he’s never […]

Libresco: What was it the News endorsed?

I am not working for, affiliated with or (since I’m registered at home) voting for any of the three candidates, and this column is not […]

Libresco: Trust straight students

Yale just can’t trust straight students. It’s the only plausible explanation for the recent decision to keep gender-neutral housing on hold. One of the most […]