Lauren Noble
Noble: Taking the Task Force to task

In an e-mail sent out Wednesday morning, Yale College Dean Mary Miller released the Report of the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Education and Prevention. […]

Noble: My campus, right or left

In his State of the Union address last night, President Obama reached out to both sides of the aisle, appealing to Republicans and Democrats to […]

Noble: Draft Daniels in 2012

Before the presidential election of 1980, William F. Buckley Jr. ’50 wrote a letter to Ronald Reagan, offering his suggestions for if the Californian were […]

Noble: Stop political bitterness and start compromising

Jack Newsham’s ’14 recent column (“Republicans will keep killing bipartisanship,” Nov. 9) promotes a classic and polarizing Democrat claim: He neglects the fact that bipartisanship […]

Noble: Ask first, then tell

On Tuesday, the National Defense Authorization Act stalled in the Senate. Democrats are crying foul and have vowed to bring it back in November. Republicans, […]

Noble: Lessons on Patriots’ Day

It was only in college that I realized that not everyone wakes up in the wee hours of the morning on the third Monday in […]

Noble: The words we choose

Last summer, I completed an intensive speech therapy program and learned to speak for a second time. My stutter was first recognized in kindergarten, and […]

Noble: For a bolder, braver country

In his lectures at Yale last week, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer highlighted a remarkable quality of the Court in this country: the people’s willingness […]

Noble: Brown a boon for Massachusetts

The nation has spent the past year paying for the sins of the Republican Party. Conservatism was corrupted by big government coupled with fiscal recklessness. […]